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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cremains Bead for Kathy

Kathy has been the proud mama of a sweet rescue dog named Max.

She shares with me, "A bit about Max. I got him when he was 5 from a Bichon rescue. He had been a back yard breeder. Max was an old soul. He had big brown eyes and when you looked into them, you could see both the past and the future. He carried a "lovie" with him, a soft dog toy which had been de-stuffed. he was fun loving, but serious- not a lightweight. I will miss him every day for the rest of my life".

After some communication on what she would like regarding shape, size, colors, etc., she decided and sent the cremains to me. While in my possession, I keep the cremains safe. I offer to take care of opening the box and taking a small sample for the beads. Some people would rather not see this part.

Here is the process of making a cremains bead:

The core of the bead is made with ivory, silver, and transparent blue and green glass.

Then a thin layer of transparent is added so when I add the cremains, they "float" in the bead.

The thick layer of transparent glass is added. When it is thick, it creates a nice optic effect.

I use many tools to make the nice shapes of beads. This is an Osibin former.
Throughout the process of making the bead I have to heat it up. This is a great image. Can you see the heat going into the glass?

Here is the bead while it is still hot. It's ready to go into the kiln.

The bead has been taken off the mandrel, cleaned, and a wire bail added. It is on a crystal green necklace. Can you see the ashes? Here it looks like sand or salt and pepper. Sometimes the ashes can look like the milky way, or very bubbly. It all depends on the composition of the individual. But, they are always unique, and a pleasure to work with. I am happy I can offer such a personal and sentimental gift.

Max, you will always be loved and cherished.

Please visit our website at Together Again Memory Beads.
If you would you like your own memorial bead, you can order yours through my etsy shop.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wine, Beer, and Cheese set.

I would love to share this custom made set. It was ordered by a family friend. He says: "OH Chistina! Those are great!! Absolutely awesome!! Just what I wanted!! You are a very talented and gifted young woman!! "

If you would like to order a set, please contact me. torchedart@gmail.com

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Halloween Class

Halloween Workshop: Do you have any cool beads to wear to your favorite festivities? Let's get together. Our next class we are structuring around Halloween. Let's make googly eyes, bloody fingers, goulish ghosts, ugly green witches, jock-o-lanterns, and candy corn.

When: October, Saturday the 15th 10 AM -4 PM (6 hours)
Where: Christina's home studio
How much: $150
Available spots: only 3