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Friday, June 10, 2011

New mini classes

Mini Classes

I am offering small classes to add to your glass beadmaking experience. More details will be listed soon.

Pixie Dust, Enamels, frit.
Learn how to apply the different glass decorations and the tricks to make it work. Learn how to mix, encase, or use as surface decorations.

The joy in Stringer and twisties.
Master your control over stringers and make beautiful twisties. Apply them to make beautiful designs in your beads.

Making and using "branding" rods.
Learn how to bend your own designs into your own "branding" rod then use them to make your mark on your beads,

Dots Workshop.
Raised, encased, multicolored, square, or turn them into flowers. There are endless possibilities with dots. Learn how to apply them with control.

Reactive glass, and the chemistry.
There is all sorts of glass these days, silvered glass, reduction, oxidizing, striking, oh my! Let's discover the fun in this luscious glass.

Wine Stopper class
Design your own wine stopper. Makes a great gift, or conversation piece.

Blowing Shards and applying them.
Blow colorful glass balls and smash them! Why would you want to do that? You'll learn what glass to use so it saves money on pricey colors, and how cool the technique is when applied to your glass beads. Besides, it's fun!!!

A Thousand Flowers; Millefiore class.
Learn the secrets of how the Venetians make their classic millefiores. We will be applying them to glass beads as well as making our own in this colorful workshop.

Forget your fear of the fire with special instruction to the sensitive of fire. Use techniques to safely learn how to play with the flame and relieve your fear of fire. Tap your way out of fear with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) NLP, and hypnosis activities. By the end, watch how your fear has desolved away.