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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cremains Beads

Have you lost a loved one? A pet or family member? Would you like to carry them close to your heart?

In November 2010, I lost my Grandmother to cancer. And about 10 years ago I lost my Grandfather. Just before Grandma died I finally was ready to work with my grandfather's ashes in my glass. It was a beautiful process for me. I wasn't sad like I thought I would be. I was quite happy to "play" with him again. It was very therapeutic to talk to him as I brought out his ashes and added it to my glass.

I made about five beads and strung them up into necklaces. On my next visit with my family I gave them each a necklace. One for Grandma, Mom, sister and myself. I love carrying a peace of grandpa and holding him close to my heart.

Now that I have Grandma's ashes, I plan to do something special with her too.

So with this, I am happy to offer this service to others. Do you have a loved one you would like to put into a bead? If you don't have ashes, I can use some hair or finger nail and encase it in the glass, it turns out much like the ashes. If you wish, I can put a lock of hair in a hollow bead.

Please give me a call for a free consultation. Ask about the Cremains Beadmaking Class.


1 comment:

Cayenne Linke said...

I love Love LOVE this idea! I've used my dad's cremains in several of my paintings, and my plan is to have my own cremains distributed to artist friends to include in their paintings, but I ADORE the idea of putting them in beads.

When the saddest day of my life comes -- the day my cat passes -- I'll either have to take your class (which I'd love to do, but can't justify right now), or commission you to make some beads with her cremains. Thanks for this fantastic idea!