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Friday, September 3, 2010

Butterflies in my Stomach - Poem

Butterflies in my Stomach

I've got butterflies in my stomach,

Oh, don't you see?

My, how I'm nervous,

it's just us three.

What was I thinking

when I said yes?

They didn't tell me

I'd wear this silly dress.

We've practiced and practiced

for a long time now.

I hope we get it perfect,

or I'll just have a cow!

Molly's on the fiddle,

and Kelly's singing a nice sound.

I hope I don't dance a face-plant

into the ground.

Molly said she's nervous,

at least her fingers still work.

I've got two left feet and

a tangly long skirt.

Kelly is confident

and calm as can be.

But what makes me nervous

is they'll be looking at me!

I've got butterflies in my stomach,

I can't go on!

Do you think they'll notice

if I'm gone?

Kick ball change,

twirl and flutter.

I hope I don't make

the audience shutter.

I don't want to go.


I'l die if I do!

I bet I can get out of it

if I fake catch the flu?

I hope the power goes out

before we go on.

Then they won't see

if I drop my baton.

Or maybe they won't notice

if we jump out of line.

There are many more acts

that are simply divine.

There are magic, and comedy,

and bicycle tricks.

Really, you won't miss us

our act is the pits.

Oh wait! What's that?

My light bulb turned on.

I remember how to make

my butterflies get gone!

Think positive nice thoughts,

and how pretty I'll dance.

And how we'll get an ovation

from the audience.


Take a deep breath,

we will be finished soon.

Imagine I have extreme talent,

and can orbit the moon.

If I miss a step,

they don't know the routine.

They want to enjoy,

and watch us all beam.

Those butterflies in my tummy,

some are still there.

I guess that's okay,

it just shows that I care.

Oh golly! It's our turn

to go up on the stage.

If this were a story book,

I'd surely turn the page.

The lights are all dim

as we take our spots.

Molly whispers,

"okay girls,

let's show 'em what we've got!"

The fiddle starts in

on its beautiful tune.

Then the spotlight turns on

like the hot sun in June!

I'm a deer in the headlights

in my dance pose.

If I simply just stand here,

will anyone know?

I forgot my first step!


I just want to cry!

Oh wait, I remember!

I'll give it a try.

I poise my baton and

take my first step.

It turns into a twirl,

and then I leapt.

I cart-wheeled and tumbled

and then did a flip.

Oh that was perfect!


Did you see it?

The audience clapped,

and I gave them a smile.

I tossed my baton

as high as a mile.

Kelly kept singing

with her sweetest voice,

while the audience cheered,

and made all sorts of noise.

How they love all of this,

the stunts that I do.

It took lots of practice,

if they only knew.

One, two, three, four,

leap and plie.

Oh, how they do love me,

and my dance of Ballet.

Look at me,

and my gymnastic tricks.

Can't think of much else

that I need to fix.

My dress isn't silly,

it's perfect you see.

It grabs all the attention,

all eyes are on me!

I flip flop and bounce

across the dance floor,

spinning my baton,

and tossing once more.

Oh no!

Say it's not true,

our song is all done.

I bet if we ask

they'll watch us again.

The fiddling was perfect

and the singing on key.

But I saw all eyes staring,

looking at me.

Oh look, I'm so proud,

see the audience stand?

I told you they'd think

our act was just grand.

I wasn't nervous at all.

Nope. Not even one bit!

That surely wasn't me

who threw that hissy fit!

Butterflies in my stomach?

What are you talking about?

I knew I'd be great.

No question, no doubt.

That was so fun!

Can we do it again?

Perhaps next time

I'll be a comedian.

Sign me up!

I'm first on the list!

Wait, I changed my mind...

a ventriloquist!