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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Pillow and Me

Me and my pillow,
my pillow and me.
Oh how comfy,
soft, and snugly!

I take it with me
just about everywhere.
All over the house. The Bathtub?
No! Not there!

I have to protect it,
as it protects me.
I've got proof.
Look at it! It's so raggedy.

I take it on car rides,
and trips to the store.
But mom makes me leave it in the car,
doesn't she understand how I just want more?

I love my pillow,
my pillow loves me.
Oh how comfy,
soft, and snugly!

I cuddle my pillow,
and pet it and squeeze.
You'll like it, just try it!
Oh, won't you please?

My pillow adores me,
it's by my side wherever I go.
It even followed me to Bud's house,
even after Papa said no.

I love my pillow,
my pillow loves me.
Oh how comfy,
soft, and snugly!

I've loved my pillow now
for many years.
The thought of outgrowing it
just brings me to tears.

I see it has holes,
rips and tares.
But when I close my eyes,
I don't really care.

I love my pillow,
my pillow loves me.
Oh how comfy,
soft, and snugly!

I took it to Cole's house
to spend the night.
He teased my tattered pillow,
and we had a fight.

Why didn't he understand
how important it is?
If he had a snugly pillow,
I'd respect his.

My pillow has been good to me,
like a best friend.
There to comfort me, cradle me,
and always defend.

I brought it to Granny's
just the other day.
She washed my raggedy pillow
while I escaped to go play.

Now my pillow doesn't stink like
a dirty old dog.
But it's still comfy soft,
I'm sure I will sleep like a log.

So, now my pillow stays home
when I go away.
But I don't miss it,
considering how hard I play.

I still love my pillow,
my pillow still loves me.
It's so comfy,
soft, but now so raggedy!

I'm a big kid now,
my mommy says.
I'm almost ready to say,
so long to those pillow days.

I've loved my pillow,
my pillow's loved me.
It's always been so comfy,
soft and snugly.

One day I'll go shopping
for a brand new one.
The kind for big kids,
but no doubt, still fun.

One of these days
dad will find a box for safe keeping.
Knowing it's safe in the closet
will be relieving.

I loved my pillow,
my pillow loved me.
It will always be with me
in my memory.

Guess what!
I can't wait for you to see!
My new big kid pillow,
just as comfy, soft, and cuddly.


This is dedicated to any kid,
old or new.
In memory for your blankie,
woobie, or pillow you outgrew.

I know how it is to miss it so,
as mine, it was so gross, it had to go.
How much I miss it,
no one will ever know.

But, I admit, I found a new one,
it's true!
His name is Dave.
I love you.