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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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I am sir David,
Knight of pleasant slumber.
This little tale is told
by my lovely Queen Mother....

Dragons don't ROARrrr
their babys to sleep.
They cuddle and kiss them
'till they don't make a peep.

The iguanas up in the trees
hold tight to the limbs,
as they are rocked fast to sleep
by the lullaby winds.

Prince frogs chirp and croak
a sweet lullaby tune,
to all of his children by the foggy lagoon.

Whales whisper wishes
of happy good night dreams,
to all the little fishies
and to the octopus queen.

Dolphin Mom, Pop, and Calf
play all day in the water.
And when they turn in,
they doze off without bother.

Queen mommy tucks me in,
I'm a very brave Knight.
And she turns on with a click,
a protective night light.

As I fall asleep,
under the moon beams.
Pink unicorns prance
all over my dreams.

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