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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spanish Village Art Center

Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park

As jobs go, this one is pretty nice. I am my own boss, I get to be outside in the sun. Listen to the birds fly around and every so often some exotic noises come from the zoo. The courtyard is so beautiful. Full of potted plants and beautiful blooms of every color. The art is so nice, so far I picked up a few gifts for Christmas gifts.

I'm still working on improvements to my booth. While I have spent hours on making my necklace displays with a variety of fabrics, and I have some display items, I am not finished with the entire display. I'm having a difficult time setting up my hodgepodge set of tables and table covers. I plan to get some bigger tables and make some nice fitted table covers. Now to decide on the fabric. Choices, choices. What color, and texture should I go with???

So far, I've only showed three days, and they went well. I made more in three days than I would have as a Dental Assistant. And this is more rewarding. I get to be an artist, what I wanted to be as a little girl. For years, I've wanted to be in an environment like this. Surrounded by beautiful architecture, luscious plants, eclectic art, and creative people. I also get this with my other job at the medical office. They are unique people with wonderful talents, and I love learning new things every day when I am there.

Too bad it's not summer all year round.

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