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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My wedding ring

Thanks Gabi, I should be out in the studio making beads for a show.

Dave and I wanted our wedding rings to be special. I think I posted something on how I made his, but I don't recall sharing mine.

I wanted a sapphire as the center stone, and a vintage look But I also wanted another element, Micky. Do you see him?

The Euro shank is a bit squared off to help the ring stay centered. It works pretty well.

The side diamonds are actually sapphires.

Here is a good close-up of the finished ring. We love it.

1 comment:

gabi said...

Wow! You have a GRAPHIC of your ring!!! That's pretty amazing!

The ring is gorgeous. You are very lucky! I love the fact that mickey's on there! That's really original!

Great post, lol!