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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maya's Custom Necklace

From posting photos of my creations on facebook and listing my Etsy , I've had a few friends have me make some custom pieces. Maya is one of them.

Maya has an old key from her Grandmother's Hope Chest. She contacted me to see if I could do anything with it, and before I knew it, it was in my possession. Her first request was for me to encase it in blue glass, but I didn't want to ruin or melt the key for a variety of reasons. From distortion to compatibility issues to not wanting to breathe the vapors from this unknown metal. So I imagined dangling some beads off it, and received unanticipated feedback. My DH and I were out at a street art fair in San Diego, and I saw my inspiration. It was a piece of art with wire wrapped all around it. I was already imagining something like it, but just seeing that art helped me "see" it, but with beads.

I sent a big bag of beads, mostly blues, for Maya to chose from. She also chose black leather cord from a variety of provided options. She chose two blue beads, and the one pictured is the one I saw fit for this project. I love the encased subtle earthy colors that enabled me to create the double sided design.

Keys in themselves are quite symbolic, and if you give them enough thought they will provide you with a number of stories. Could this key have a fascinating history? What secrets did it keep, protection did it provide, hope it inspired, or did it keep something safe? Could this key have protected her private love letters, or contain special treasures in hopes to use when she marries, or perhaps this key could have protected her life's fortunes? Perhaps I should just ask Maya. Or perhaps not!

As a key goes, this one is not the most beautiful nor made of fine metals, but this key is special to Maya, and I am honored to adorn it so she will enjoy wearing her grandmother's key close to her heart.

While, in these recent months, I have been experiencing a major shift in my body and soul, this project has become very delightful for me. I am attracted to the idea of this key being double sided, and I am also attracted to the rainbow or Chakras as well as the meaning of stones and their healing qualities. I wanted to pass this on to Maya as well.


I sifted and sorted through my stash of loose beads looking for a rainbow of semi-precious stones, glass, pearls, and fine metals. I wanted this piece to be symbolic, and contain the magical energy and properties that stones are known to provide. So I found an assortment, but I had to do the research to learn what half of them were actually called. I have some catalogs, but here is a link if you are interested to see what a nice list looks like.

I figured on day I would find inspiration to indulge into learning what certain stones mean. So here goes......

I found a website on the healing energies of stones. Peaceful Mind

Amethyst: This stone can show us how to let go and trust; surrender so that you may see beyond the cycle that consumes your attention; give it all up, so that you can receive more; and bow, that you may become a part of the greater whole.

Hematite: Hematite is known to deflect negativity. It restores equilibrium, stability and is also used for astral protection.

Jade: Very calming to the nervous system. The color green is representative of life or growth. Helps one channel passions in a constructive way, making expressions of love easier.

Lapis Lazuli higher guidance, intuition, connection to higher self, overview, decisions for good of all. Organizes, quiets mind.

Malachite: On brow: Stimulates physical and psychic vision, concentration.

Obsidian: help to see truths by initially amplifying beliefs, patterns, fears, blocking our growth.

Peridot: This stone is traditionally used for health, wealth, and protection.

Black: pearls are used for stability, protection and grounding.
Gold: pearls are used for prosperity, ethereal connections and aura cleansing.
White and cream: pearls represent purity, spiritual balance and can be used to engage the Crown Chakra

Quartz: The natural tendency for quartz is for harmony. Quartz can both draw and send energy therefore it is effective for sending/receiving guidance. Quartz is used for transformation in healing and in all levels of change (mentally/emotionally, physically and spiritually).

Turquoise: This stone is most famous as an amazing over all healer for illnesses in the physical body and mental/emotional issues. Turquoise is known as a stone of protection and communication on every level.

Amber: detoxification, Amber can add stability to your life, is used for past life work.

Carnelian: Carnelian is used in the Center area for harmony and balance. This stone represents confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness and outgoingness.

Coral: Coral brings diplomacy and concurrence, quiets emotions, brings peace to innerself.

Hematite:Hematite is known to deflect negativity. It restores equilibrium, stability and is also used for astral protection.

Horn bone: I couldn't find anything but for me: Organic, healing, sacrifice.

Opal (swarovski crystal): Real white Opal: White: Balances Left and Right. Brain. Opals are extremely sensitive and must be treated with great care. Rarely used in crystal layouts except by someone who wishes to intensify his or her emotional state. They easily diversify and scatter energy. Some literature states frankly that many who wear this stone have a fickle nature. Anytime the wearer feels uncomfortable with an Opal, the stone should be removed.

Sunstone: This stone is a kiss of sunshine, crystallized. Honors the God, brings good luck and fortune. Energizes and empowers one's self. Warms the heart and lifts/rejuvenates the spirit. Sunstone is used for protection, life force, and grounding.

Unakite: Unakite can be very helpful in the steady release of feelings long held in. We often think of the emotions as originating and residing in the heart, and Unakite can soothe Heart Chakra issue.

Yellow Jade: Both impart the gift of joy and happiness. They teach the interconnectedness of all beings. Help organs that process food and waste in our bodies.

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