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Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's time to brag...

I've been doing some organizing and cleaning in my home and studio these days and found my friend's business card. She created one soon after learning how to make glass beads.

I've been making glass beads since 1996, and while I have made a few friends, and one very good one (you know who you are), I haven't had a studio buddy... until now. Mici and I met a few years ago. And now we are best friends. We started just enjoying the beach together, then we started beading down on the beach, then Dave and I asked if she would perform our wedding ceremony. So you can see how special this person is to me and to have her share play time in the studio with me is one big bonus. So, I wanted to write this blog post about Mici, my friend and student.

Right off the bat, she dove right in to making sculptural beads. From troll heads, to mushrooms, to mermaids, goddesses, and fairies, she never ceases to amaze me with the rapid progress she makes. I compare my beads from the first year, to hers, and I am impressed with her vision, ambition and talent.

She gave me a framed photo of us posing together in the studio. The cool thing about this frame is that she glued about 20 of her glass beads on the frame. I keep telling her, and my students, to keep their beads because it's fun to compare your old beads to your progress. I suppose this will be ok, I love that frame.

To see more beads visit http://mici.vpweb.com.

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