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Friday, April 16, 2010

Organize it all.

From glass to beads, and tools and supplies. I have a few containers that I really love.

I have a decent little stash of beads I like to use to compliment my own glass beads. For $10 at Home Depot I found a case to hold them in with a sturdy handle. I like to sort the beads by
the colors of the rainbow. I also like to keep them on the string. This way I can pull out the string and determine if I have enough of that particular strand to fulfill my needs for a jewelry piece. If the beads are loose in a jar, baggie, or container, how am I to know how far I can string.

I use this same plastic organizer to organize my seed beads too. And again, organize it like a rainbow. I have some spaces for the tubes, but most of the colors have been strung up using the bead spinner. I like using the seed beads off the string by pinching a row of beads, it's easy to string multiples at a time when they are all lined up rather than one-by-one.

A third way I use this organizer is for my glass rods. The small compartments by the handle are perfect for shorts, while I can place the longer rods in the rest of the space. I organize by transparent, translucent, and opaque. I am careful too to keep the ends free of sharp burs and prickly ends. This is perfect for traveling when I teach and do demos.

Again, a similar container, but smaller, and it's a double-decker. I keep all my silver beads, ear wires, clasps, etc. Also a variety of leftover beads, I use them for wiring up pendants and earrings. In the bottom are things like extra inventory and more bulky items that aren't used as often.

To further my organization skills, I keep glass jars and the lids. They are cool. I love the prego jars, not just for the size, but it means "you're welcome" in Italian. I also love the shape of the salsa jars. If you've read my previous post about making frit, you'll see why my shorts of glass have barely begun to fill these jars.

Cheep plastic shoe boxes from the dreaded walmart are really nice to organize with. I love that I can see the contents, and the lids keep the studio dust out. About $1 at the store.

Lastly, I have a great rolling storage unit of plastic drawers. I orriginally got this for traveling when I do demos and teach. It fits in my SUV as well as under my work bench and acts as support. I recently got another one for a portable office for when I do shows.

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