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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sharps container, Safety

I am very concerned about safety especially for my friends, family and students. I would feel terrible if someone got hurt due to my negligence.

So.... I have a sharps container. Do you? When I have glass that needs to be thrown out, I at least try to put it in a box or jar. Think of it this way, if the sharp shards and dangerous strings of glass are loose in a trash bag or garbage can, this can be a potential risk to the person or people that will handle the trash. You know, when you grab a trash bag and throw it in the garbage can, sometimes you take your hand and push on the top to make it squish into the can. Imagine that loose glass going right through the bag into your hand. Ouch! And what an unpleasant surprise.

So, I have jars and when full I screw the lid on and at least the shards are in a container.

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