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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ring Cigar Box Display - Free Tutorial

While working on my booth I have been coming up with some fun display ideas. For displaying my rings, I did a quick google search and found a cute cigar box display. I thought this would work well with the supplies I have.

While I have finished rings of various sizes and designs on the left, I have added some side compartments. One is for the glass cabs, and the other is for unfinished rings. The custom rings can be glued with 5 minute epoxy. An alternative use can be used for matching beads, or more rings.

Here is how I made the box......

cigar box, fabric, padding, spray glue, hot glue & gun, pen, scissors, wood, saw, rings.

1. Select your box and if you want divided trays, cut to fit and file the edges.

I bought the wood at the local Home Depot.
I found a variety of beautiful cigar boxes at a local cigar shop for only $1 each.

2. You can see that the dividers are temporarily placed to see if they fit.

Select some fabric that would create a nice background for your style of jewelry and rings. I chose a beige faux suede. (The runner up was a shiny crushed velvet.)

3. Measure your cigar box to see how much fabric you will need. Each pleat is about an inch. So if your box is 6 inches deep, double it to 12 and add another 12 inches. Because you have to add a few inches for each pleat.

4. Cut your fabric and padding. I used some recycled padding from a bed spread. Thin foam would work too.

5. Use spray glue to attach the fabric and padding together.

6. Trim the edges so they are straight. This will make it easier to make even pleats.

7. Using a hot glue gun add a thin stripe of glue between each pleat on the padded side. Don't add directly in the crease, this would create a sharp crease, and we want it fluffy from the padding.

8. Add a dot of glue on each end of the fabric side deep into the fold. Try not to get the glue where it will be visible.
It's up to you how many pleats you want in your box. Mine has about 15 pleats.

9. Trim the edges so they are straight and fit between the the wood you just cut to size.

10. Hot glue the fabric, wood, and wood dowels (molding). Simply zig-zag a line of hot glue for the fabric. Add a small bead of hotglue on the bottom of the wood, as well as the molding.
(The molding covers the unfinished look of the pleats.)

11. Using small swatches of fabric, make some little pillows for the boxes on the side.

12. Label and price your rings.

For an extra bonus, use the inside of the lid to your benefit. I have added mirrors, or you can add a nice, big, eye-catching photo of your rings. I have also thought of adding some hooks to the top lip so I can dangle beads, or necklaces, or earrings, or charms, etc.

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AutEv said...

Super creative! Thanks for sharing!