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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recycling Glider

About two years ago my hubby (then boyfriend), gave me a bag of parachute cords. They are durable, colorful and best of all, re-purposed or recycled. And for two years, I've been asking the people at the Glider Port if they have any old gliders ready for retirement. Rather than seeing them go to the land fill, we use the wing for wind breaks and bags. The string I use in my "Beach Jewelry" line.

In colors of bright orange, yellow, teal, purple, and pinks, I string up my own glass beads and found objects from the beach like stones, sand, shells, glass, etc. The sand is melted into my beads creating a number of looks from sparkly, salt and pepper, to a mottled organic texture. I can either encase it or leave it on the surface, melt it, boil it, or leave it be. Although if I add too much, it will break the glass bead.
So just last week I finally got a glider. You can see I had a blast with my new, very large treasure. I found that the cords were quite dirty, but my little ultrasonic cleaner brightened them up. It took over an hour pilfering thru the ruffles of the wing to find where the cords were attached, and then more time to untangle the mess I created. So, now we have fabric for our beach gear, and I have more than enough string. And now I don't feel like I have to hoard it, I have plenty to use!

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