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Friday, February 12, 2010

Blessed Marble Toss - Wedding

In addition to the wedding post, I want to share another glass influence from the wedding. Have you ever heard of the "Blessed Stone Toss"? When I heard of this I had to make it my own, so here is what we handed out on note cards just before the wedding:

We are passing out marbles for you to hold and bless during this service. As you cradle these marbles in your hand we ask that you transfer the magic from these moments into them - to bless them. Use words that you wish upon these newlyweds like hope, love, family, connection, unity, etc. At the end of the service we will all follow the Bride and Groom down to the surf to toss them into the sea (the marbles, not the couple). The waves and tides will keep the marbles and their blessings alive in constant motion as long as they remain in the surf. If these beach tumbled treasures are found and taken home, the new owner will then posses a piece of magic and the blessings that were born from this beautiful day. May they unknowingly posses what loving words you chose to bless these marbles.

So, after we said "I do", and kissed, Dave and I took some marbles and marched back down the isle to the water's edge. We gathered and at the prompt, we all threw our marbles into the waves.
Little by little in the following weeks some of our friends found a marble or two, but most are likely to find a long existence tumbling in the pacific.

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