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Friday, January 22, 2010

Visiting Ohio and The Velvet Box

My Husband and I visited his family in Ohio for Christmas this year. It was nice to see my new family as we have only been married since August this year.

I have to admit, a major highlight was visiting Jennifer Pitts and her husband of The Velvet Box. They were very friendly and invited me to come over to their home to visit. I drug my Husband and his mother with me, and they were patient and actually appeared to be interested in seeing their beautiful studio and work. They were full of very useful information, and I ate it up. I am finally in a position in my life where I can start selling at shows, so I had a lot of questions for them from how they process credit cards, to how they set up their booth.

I anticipated the visit to be fairly quick, but it lasted a few hours. It's so fun to meet other lampwork artists, as we are kindred spirits who love the flame and glass. So thank you Jennifer for your time, knowledge, and friendship.

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