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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Plant Angel

You know when you put a valid effort into something, and in the end it still doesn't work out? Well, this is what happened to a Angel Goddess Bead I made recently. She cracked! Of course, not the best goddess I've ever made, but someone would have loved her.
I never throw out my beads. In fact, I still have the very first beads I made from my very first class back in 1996. At this point, I have a few big jars of beads that are either cracked, wonky, ugly, or don't belong on the table to sell. They remind me of how much I have improved on some of the techniques I was trying to master. They do however have their special spot in my glass display cabinet so they can easily be seen by friends and students.
A friend recently pulled some out for a project I was working on. How silly of me to be protective of them, "they are not to be sold" I said. "These are part of my history, and besides, they're crap". She thought they were beautiful, how nice.
Anyhow, I have an Angel placed in my suculent flower pot to grace my studio and watch me and my friends create. At least this one isn't going into the jar.

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