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Monday, January 18, 2010

My Studio is wet

My Husband helped me finish building a wall to cut off the elements to the patio. Unfortunately with this rain, we have found a leak in the roof and a big puddle on the studio floor. Nothing bad, but a bit annoying to add yet another thing to the list of things to do.

I'm lovin' my studio. It's the largest one I've had yet. I have three work benches. One bench has two glass bead making stations. The other two benches are for silversmithing, and other projects.

My friend Lloyd gave me his old kitchen cabinets, so I created a beautiful 8 foot counter top with storage. I have drawers and cupboards and a space to roll up a chair.

Only problem is, there is not heat or AC. So in the winter its chilly, and I fear that summer will be hot. Good thing I have a radiator and fans.

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