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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just after my trip to Venice Italy in September of 2001, I came home with a yearning for micromosaics. I spent hours online admiring them. One evening I decided to make one. So I went into my studio and for two days I started from scratch starting with a design, fabricating the silver bezel, pulling hand mixed strings of glass, and cutting the tiny tiles or tesserae.

The Rose was my first piece, and I wear her all the time.

Micromosaics to this day still hold a special place in my heart. A sencse of nostalgia of old art mixed with the wonders and magic of glass. I have a collection of about 20 Italian pieces. They are kept safe in a dark box. I really should have them out on display for me to enjoy.
I taught one class at Bead Expo in 2003. Boy was it a thrill to be a teacher at one of these bead expos. Unfortunately, life took a turn, and I had to pack all my glass, tools, worldly possessions, and dreams into boxes for several years. Life took a bumpy road and on that road I slept in my SUV with my dog, bike, and book bag. I wasn't homeless for long, but none the less, I didn't have a home.
After many years of my tools stored safely in storage, I have finally set up shop and ready to begin again. Starting fresh in a sense. This glass bead world is not the same as I left it nearly 7 years ago. There's a lot more out there. New tools, websites, information, and competition.
I consider myself 2nd generation American lampworker. The first generation was a group of artists that all took the same class essentially around the same time and became the first generation. I took classes from a few teachers from this group of artists, Loren Stump and Kim Osibin. So as their glass offspring, I would be 2nd generation. I have spawned a few myself. In fact, I will be teaching glass beadmaking in a few weekends at a local glass shop.

I don't teach my micromosaics any more. That is put on the back burner. I hope to save it for when I am active in that again and can teach at big expos again. I made the mistake of teaching privately in my home. She then went back home and is now teaching MY class. Of course, I don't get any of the credit. Hopefully soon, I can start my glass worldly adventures and add my micromosaic class into the mix.

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