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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Customizing my Display

One major item I have noticed about jewelry display is the necklace displays and how boring they are. They either come in black, white, gray, or pink (if you accidentally order the wrong color). I had an idea to cover my neck boards with beautiful fabrics hoping that they would bring a sense of richness to my both. My mom had some nice fabrics as she likes to quilt, so I requested hues of flesh tones from beige, peach, burgundy, brown, etc. While I aimed to have solid colors, I did add a few floral prints and stripes. A few boards managed to find a swatch of eggplant too. One always needs a darker color to display a lighter necklace.
I love colors, and leaving my booth a bland color like gray or white was not an option. Perhaps a good one for some as it may simply display the jewelry better, but it's just too plain for me. So my table cloths and curtains are multiples of solid colors. Mostly jewel tones of amber, amethyst, gold, citrine, and jade. I painted some large, lightweight frames green and added fabric over some cardboard. One frame has a screen so visitors can still see into the booth. The frames are hung from the EZ Up so I have multiple levels of display so the shopper has more to see and I have more space to display.

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